Arcade Spirits
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What is Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits is a visual novel, a narrative roleplaying game in the distant retrofuture year 20XX, in which you occupy the shoes of someone dumped headfirst into the chaotic world of video game arcade management. You’ll deal with screaming kids, broken games, local gangs, foul-mouthed eSports competitors, and more. But in the process of wrangling the day-to-day craziness, the tangled relationships with your coworkers, and digging gum out of coin slots… you’ll be seeking to understand your past and present, building a future, and finding romance and love along the way.

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Meet the Cast!

JuniperThe Childhood BFF
Juniper, your best friend from high school and current roommate, has cheered you on in good times and bad. Although she does her best to help you out, with a good heart, she’s not very good at helping.
The Accountant
Sharp, observant, and extremely direct with his feelings. Gavin keeps the Funplex’s financial numbers afloat, while trying to support his friends… even if he has trouble compromising between hope and pragmastism.
The Fixer
Circuit boards, cathode ray tubes, joysticks, buttons, pixels… Naomi loves arcade games with deep affection, bringing good cheer to the Funplex. She’s shy around crowds but perfectly happy to tinker away in solitude.
The Dancer
The warm center of the Spotlight Stage universe, Teo organizes the community around this mega-popular dance game. Despite being at the core of it all… he prefers to avoid the metaphorical spotlight whenever possible.
The Competitor
A fierce champion of Fist of Discomfort, the premiere arcade eSports title, QueenBee is ready to lay waste to all comers in her journey to the top. But exactly where is the top of her craft?
The Scorechaser
3.75 million points. That’s the goal of this retro game aficionado, quietly reaching for that world record. But what sad story lies at the heart of why this silly old game matters so much to him?
The Cosplayer
Buried within the felty depths of Pinky the Funplex Flamingo is Ashley, aspiring cosplayer and friendly companion… seeking something she doesn’t fully understand through costumed self-expression.
The Unlucky One
With a long family history of failure and compromise behind you, can the Funplex really help you find your true dream…? (Name, appearance, and pronouns all customizable!)

Who are we?

Crafted with love by Fiction Factory Games, and…

We’re still updating this web page as the game develops, so come back regularly to see what’s new! … meanwhile here’s a GeoCities era animated GIF for you to enjoy.

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